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Google Digital Active

Among the billions tools Google develop and open to the public, they have recently launched Google Digital Active. Dedicated to small business owners, this training gives an overview of main new technologies challenges, like Search Engine Marketing, social networks, organic search and search engine optimization, as well as analytics and conversion. I am afraid there is no topic about user experience or usability, but they do talk about content, writing for the Web and optimization for conversion. As for me, I was really interested by some other domains (I’m a UX specialist) that I know less about.


10 UX challenges for luxury e-commerce

Watchmakers, fashion, beauty, jewelry… luxury brands are at the digital crossroads, with an important decision to make: how should secular brands integrate and stay on top of the new technologies world? Today, they all know they have to face the luxury e-commerce challenge. Whereas 40% of high-end brands don’t sell via the Web (Bloomberg Business), online sales of luxury goods could triple to €70 billion by 2025 (Altagamma-McKinsey Digital Luxury Experience Observatory.) Because the secret to getting ahead is getting started, and based on my own experience on the matter, here are 10 user experience challenges a luxury brand should consider when initiating a purchase process on their website.


Digital and luxury

What should the luxury industry do with new technologies? With new possibilities come new challenges… How can the luxury industry get ready for these new challenges? How can an industry based on centuries of history and crafts adapt to new technologies, and to what extent? This was the theme of the second edition of the Crea Luxury Day in Geneva last Wednesday.


Crea Luxury Day

Crea Geneva and Inseec were organizing a big conference day on luxury this 15th September, and I had the chance of being one of the guests. Among the speakers was Jean-Noël Kapferer, a famous French professor and researcher on media and luxury. His books were part of my preparation for exams, and I was feeling lucky to meet him in person. The event was held at the Fédération des Entreprises Romandes in Geneva. Entering the conference room, guests were offered a nice Caran d’Ache pen in a custom box, giving it already a luxury twist (many thanks to the organizers for that!)


Google Consumer Barometer and UX

Started 4 years ago, Google Consumer Barometer is an free Web application offering consumer insights. Based on data collected by TNS through surveys in 50 countries, the tool presents main conclusions regarding consumption, online or locally, in different domains. A few conclusions are especially interesting for UX design, including the link between digital and physical stores, or how Internet is used in the buying process.

Main conclusions (for France in my example), are available in a PDF document, with nice data visualization. Another interesting aspect of this tool is that it lets you build your own graphs, based on the available data, through the Graph builder tab (top right.)


Crea Digital Day

The Crea Digital Day took place yesterday at the Fondation des Entreprises de Suisse Romande in Geneva (Switzerland.) Co-organized and brought to digital professionals for free by Crea school, eMakina and Bilan magazine, this one-day conference featured speakers from Instagram, Tesla, The Audience and Terre des Hommes. If a few speeches turned out having very little to bring to the conversation about digital, or even one or two being plain advertising for a product or a service, we had the chance to attend a few passionating sessions, with charismatic speakers.